GST Impact Study

‘GST impact study’ is designed to enable businesses to understand how GST is going to impact their operating cost, profitability, working capital requirement, IT reporting and other elements and would draw the attention of management on exactly how the GST would impact their particular nature of business. Impact would certainly be there on each wing of their operation such as sales, procurement, finance and accounts, marketing and distribution etc., whereas, to what extent GST would impact each of such wings could be ascertained by conducting an impact study.

The GST impact study report will be prepared considering all the possible areas where the attention of management is required. The scale of impact study would differ from one entity to another depending on its size, volume and nature of operation. In-depth knowledge in subject and clear cut understanding of the client’s business would yield fantastic result in order to provide optimum value addition along with protection from possible threats when the GST is implemented.  It includes Business Process Study, Goods and Services Tax Impact Area Assessment, Business Process and IT automation Change Requirement and Impact Assessment Report.

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